Perspective Matters

Change your outlook and your outcome changes.

Negotiation /  Resolution /  Alignment


Perspective matters — in everything from negotiation to conflict resolution, leadership issues, and organizational dynamics—the same issues every CEO, manager, and working professional faces every day. The Mitchell Group refocuses and reframes your perspective so what looks like a mountain today dissolves into soft clay that you can mold tomorrow.



Sales team blocked when negotiating with customers? After 27 years experience working with Fortune 1000 companies to unblock, unlock and unleash their potential, Mitchell Group knows negotiation. Mitchell and his team are committed to refocusing perspectives, sharpening strategies and giving your people the tools and permission to reach more profitable results.

Conflict Resolution

The analyst firm Gartner has found that ineffective communication, alignment and conflict on internal teams cost companies at least 3% from their bottom line. What’s the cost to your organization? Through mediation, strategy development and facilitation, Mitchell Group helps disengaged teams come together to stop wasting time, energy and money, redirecting them towards success

Organizational Impact and Dynamics

Customers want deeper conversations, not presentations. That’s why the highest performers and the most effective leaders pay attention to the conversation in their head before a conversation with the client. They are acutely aware of how their internal dialogue can directly impact external communications. Our consultants employ Mitchell Group’s proven methodology—using observation, preparation, anticipation and practice—to build confidence in client interactions. Your busiest people will learn to differentiate, refine, and rehearse their message and approach until it becomes second nature.


Shifting your perspective — is a game changer. In a game of chess, the pawn is the smallest piece, only able to move in small increments. Yet, depending on the strategy employed, the pawn can win the game, elevating its importance and value. The Mitchell Group helps you and your employees look at issues in a different light which leads to more successful outcomes.


Sustainable Professional Development

Studies show that innovation is lacking because employees often act out of fear or anxiety; they aren’t taking time to think things through. What if your staff were to become proactive—not reactive—to clients and customers? Instead of wondering what they should be saying next, what if your people started listening actively? By focusing on building awareness, internal calm and assurance your people will achieve far more than they thought possible. Not only that, the teaching will carry over into more positive relationships with their colleagues.

Boot Camp

One-week intensive for high performers. Sessions include training and instruction in Mindfulness, the Quiet Mind, Clarity with Conviction, Individual Styles Assessment, Team Dynamics, Deep Listening techniques and strategies for breaking deadlocks, brainstorming and getting to consensus and/or agreement. Contact Jason
Boot Camp


Two-day trainings that focus on helping individuals balance the dynamics of defending, protecting and sticking up for themselves while also collaborating and looking out for their partners, clients or customers. Work includes self-assessments, understanding other people’s communication styles, principles of successful teams, negotiation strategies and communication skills. Contact Jason


Highly interactive 1-3 hour Webinars that allow participants to work on real life problems while learning proven methodologies for unlocking obstacles. Contact Jason


Get your people out of the office and away from the noise. Work fully and focused during the day at our retreat partners in Calistoga or the Russian River Valley or stay urban at our retreat sites in San Francisco. Either way, your people reduce the distraction and noise in order to think, evaluate and shift. Contact Jason


1-4 hour dynamic, interactive and customized presentations to groups big and small. Guaranteed to engage, entertain and educate in a single leap. Contact Jason


Coaching & Mentorship

A CEO asked us why her team never delivered what she asked them for. After all, she was the owner of the company. Why did she always need to rush in and take over, exhausting herself and frustrating the efforts of her staff? After one challenging and dynamic coaching session by Mitchell Group, she realized she hadn’t been communicating clearly with her people. Rather than requesting the report she wanted, her “ask” devolved into indirect, meandering inquiries, resulting in confusion. As we did with this CEO, Mitchell Group can help you and your people be more present, more intentional and more powerful.


Ongoing, consistent support to help your executives and employees understand their power, their vision and their execution strategy. Contact Jason

Coaching in the Real

No time to prepare? Have your people come to the meeting with a real-time problem, and Mitchell Group will prepare instruction in the moment. The work will be challenging, dynamic and perspective shifting. Your team will leave with concrete strategies for moving forward. Contact Jason
Coaching in the Real


Strategy Formulation

To be successful, you need a passionate advocate in key negotiations and projects today. If you don’t have the right person for the job right now, the Mitchell Group experts can act on your behalf, leading your negotiation, while directing your staff through the process. The job gets done and your team gets a hands-on lesson in strategy formulation.


We define the scope, timeline and milestones together for a specific, time-limited project. Contact Jason


Engage Mitchell Group for your ongoing communication, negotiation and team collaboration needs on a monthly or annual basis. Contact Jason


Shared perspectives — It’s not what we say that matters, it’s what our clients say about us that is most valuable. Below customers share their perspectives on our work, our strengths and the value we bring to them and their teams.



Jason has a combination of business smarts and team and negotiation expertise that makes him a really effective partner. Our executive and sales teams were not aligned—they were not speaking the same language! Jason organized a great negotiation consultation and training that brought the two teams together, helping them strategize better both with one another and with our clients. The work was dynamic, engaging and fun—and they were simply good people and great to work with.

Chris Koziol — President, Aspect Software; Former COO, JDA Software


Jason Mitchell jumped right into our world and quickly grasped what was holding our sales agreements back. Working with Jason deepened my understanding of issues that arose, developed a dialogue with potential partners and clients that focused on core issues, reframed problems to see what lay beneath, and allowed me to break issues down into smaller, clearer actionable steps.

Maggie Hansen — VP Sales, 4 billion dollar medical technology company


I have worked with Jason in the Public and Private sector and intend to work with him at my new company. Jason worked on projects where our dealerships were in conflict for a variety of reasons. He jumped in, involving all parties, and helped to move the relationship and the business objectives forward. Overall, Jason has improved my team’s confidence, power and thinking. They ask for more and they understand more. Kudos to the Mitchell Group.

Mark KinslerCOO, Trendway Furniture


For over 15 years, I’ve worked with Jason on projects ranging from team training and coaching to personal coaching and strategy conversations. Over and over again Jason has helped my teams to gain clarity, power and precision. Jason’s focused work with us has helped to improve margins, shorten sales cycles and improve executive access.

John BeckCEO, Workspaces; Former Director of Strategic Accounts, Herman Miller


For 10 years, I’ve counted on Jason for negotiation strategy advice, team alignment issues and internal conflicts that need a fresh perspective. Jason has helped us to be clear about our asks and boundaries and in our communicated value. Because of his work, our business brand is stronger and overall revenue has improved.

Tom Dziersk — Former Executive VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing, JDA International, Inc.


I brought in Jason Mitchell to improve my ability to collaborate and negotiate. His energy, personal experience, & ability to connect through vivid storytelling helped me think about situations more effectively. I now approach business conversations with more preparation, great opening statements, and clarity to create combined winning results. Jason’s solid content was extremely informative, but his genuine personality and way of connecting with the audience is what makes this training simply outstanding. The two days were time well spent and have changed how I think, speak, and relate both personally and professionally.

Heather Greve — Director, 4 billion dollar medical technology company

About Mitchell Group

Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell – Founder

Jason is a master negotiator, deal facilitator and corporate coach to businesses and individuals internationally, drawn from his expertise as a skilled attorney, mediator and strategist. He has worked with some of the most successful companies in the world including Oracle, HP Cisco, Motorola, Autodesk, Pandora, Herman Miller, Yahoo, GE and American Express.With passion, intelligence and humor, Jason advances teams from understanding theoretical concepts to utilizing concrete tools that foster awareness, focus the mind and clear the clutter that hinders interpersonal performance in the heat of the moment. Jason custom crafts and hones each team’s preparation and anticipation techniques, resulting in calm and confident teams that recognize opportunities and overcome perceived limitations to achieve their highest goals, whether in the midst of intense negotiations or daily interactions. Jason teaches teams the effective balance of each individual’s concerns to a position of strength, harmony and, ultimately, success.

Jason is bi-lingual in Spanish and works extensively in Latin America and Spain. He earned a Juris Doctorate from the McGeorge School of Law, (where he was inducted into the National Organization Order of the Barristers), and a BA from Lewis and Clark College. He completed facilitation program training at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

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